Sunday, October 7, 2007

Samuari: Heaven & Earth

So yesterday I was trying to find some more details about this amazing piece!!

Its by an artist called Luke Ross, who illustrates for a graphic novel called Samurai: Heaven & Earth, written by Ron Marz.

The premise of the stories are about a Samurai and his journey to rescue the woman he loves.
The title refers to an oath he swore to return to her "I will allow nothing in Heaven or on Earth to come between us." (Wiki)

I came across this piece, where bloggers were talking about Samurai vs. The Three Musketeers, which this piece portrays, the majority of this story is set in 1700s France, where the Samurai's love has been kidnapped to, from his native Japan! You can take your Pirates vs. Ninjas and your Werewolfs vs. Vampires...... this works for me!!

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